Less Time. Less Money. Solutions for any size project.

Got a tight schedule?

Steelcrete’s 2” thin shell and structural light gauge metal framing, provides you with an affordable, load bearing, faster casting construction system, and an alternative to conventional thicker concrete tilt up panels and other comparable systems.

Got a tight budget?

Steelcrete’s 2” thin shell allows you the savings of less concrete and labor used, which translates in to quicker panel lifting time plus the advantage of a “ready to finish” stud interior, reducing your overhead costs.

Scaling down your construction resources

Steelcrete’s combined advantages allow you up to 40% savings from comparable systems. Less time, less money, translate into grater savings passed on to you..

Current Projects

For the greater part of 14 years, Steelcrete has been providing our national and international clients with the innovation of a cost effective thin shell, load bearing system, without the disadvantages of comparable construction systems.